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How to use Willy Oil

Ways to use Willy Oil

  • As a Beard Oil
  • As a Pre-shave Oil
  • As a Tattoo Oil
  • For Skin Care
  • For Hair and Scalp
  • For Cuticle Care
  • For your Precious Parts

How to use Willy Oil as a Beard Oil

  1. Apply two pumps of Willy Oil into the palm of your hand.
  2. Rub your hands briskly together to spread, warm and activate the essential oils.
  3. Gently rub the oil into your beard, goatee and mustache. Use your fingers tips to work oil to the follicle and skin.
  4. Groom and style your beard as normal, using a boar bristle brush or comb.

Benefits of Beard Oil

The primary benefits of using Willy Oil include its ability to reduce itching, prevent inflammation, boost appearance and provide aroma.

Itching and Dry Skin

Our Willy Oil products are moisturizing in nature due to our proprietary base oil formula. Willy Oil can relieve itching, dryness and stimulate circulation on the surface of your skin.

Inflammatory Issues

Many people suffer from inflammatory issues beneath the beard. This inflammation can weaken hair, causing hair loss as well as flaky, dry skin beneath your facial hair. Using Willy Oil can reduce or eliminate this discomfort, thanks to the various Willy Oil antibacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities.

Appearance and Scent

Beards can be wiry and unattractive if not cared for, but with Willy Oil, your facial hair will look smooth, sleek, luxurious and smell great thanks to our robustly scented formulas!

How to use Willy Oil as a Pre-shave oil

  1. Dampen whiskers with warm water.
  2. Place two or three pumps of Willy Oil into the palm of your hand.
  3. Massage into whiskers and skin.
  4. Lather face with shaving cream, gel or foam and shave as normal.

Benefits of Willy Oil for Pre-shave

Using as a base and applied before lathering, Willy Oil will provide a high degree of protection from a razor blade, especially for those with sensitive skin. Willy Oil helps make skin lubricated, supple and pliable. The oil helps lift whiskers up for a smoother cut, as well as create a sleek surface for the blade to glide over. When the razor blade passes along the surface, the skin can bend with it.

Willy Oil also lubricates and moisturizes the face and softens facial hair providing the perfect base for a close, comfortable, pain-free shave with no razor burn, rashes or dry, blotchy skin. Willy Oil will also leave your face conditioned and moisturized after the shave.

How to use Willy Oil as a Tattoo Oil

  1. Generously pump Willy Oil, as is necessary, for the size of the tattoo.
  2. Pump into your hand or directly on the skin covering the tattoo.
  3. Gently massage Willy Oil onto the skin over the tattoo. Willy Oil’s dry oil formula will absorb cleanly into the skin.

Benefits of Willy Oil as a Tattoo Oil:

There are several things you can do to ensure that your tattoos remain looking fresh, clear and vibrant. Many people are now beginning to turn to using special blends of essential oils, like Willy Oil, in order to maintain the long-term appearance of their ink.

A tattoo will only look as healthy as the skin that it’s drawn on. The better you treat your skin, the better your tattoo will continue to look.

Willy Oil can help combat a range of issues that leave your skin (and therefore your tattoo) looking aged and dull.  Willy Oil includes extracts of plants such as almond, jojoba and sunflower oil to combat dryness by re-hydrating and soothing skin. Willy Oil remains within the skin for a long time, meaning that you won’t need to keep continuously reapply the oil in order to reap the benefits. As Willy Oil soaks into the tattoo, it will settle within the colors and make them look much deeper and more vibrant. Even older tattoos will benefit from an application of Willy Oil.

Due to the way Willy Oil reacts with the skin and colors in the ink, you will see an immediate improvement in the vibrancy of your tattoos.   Over time and with daily application, Willy Oil will continue to improve the condition of your skin (and therefore tattoo).

How to use Willy Oil for Skin Care

Oil moisturizing may be counterintuitive for some, particularly if you have skin that produces an excess amount of oil. One of the reasons your skin may be oily is because it’s not getting all the moisture it needs and is over-producing oil to compensate.

The solution is to give your skin the Willy Oil it needs. Place a few pumps of Willy Oil into your hand and work into skin. Apply wherever skin conditions are present. Applications to the face are the most obvious, but Willy Oil works just as well on shoulders, chest, knees and elbows. Applying Willy Oil can help to naturally return your skin to a state of balance. Treatments before bedtime can serve as a great overnight moisturizer.

Willy Oil for Hair and Scalp:

Just like Willy Oil is great for your face and beard, the same ingredients provide the same great benefits to your hair and scalp. Willy Oil soothes and moisturizes the scalp. Just as Willy Oil improves the quality of a beard, it deep conditions the hair, keeps it shiny, and helps control dandruff.

Place a few pumps of Willy Oil into your palm and rub hands briskly together then run fingers through your hair. You may also consider adding a few pumps of Willy Oil into your current shampoo or conditioner.

Willy Oil can to help treat split ends. Rub a small amount into the ends of your hair to help moisturize the hair shaft and mend split ends. The other benefit – your hair will smell fantastic. Willy Oil also helps improve the quality of hair damaged by coloring, processing and chemicals.

How to use Willy Oil for Cuticle Care

Since cuticles are part of your skin, applying Willy Oil will keep this nail area soft, moisturized and healthy. Cuticles can get dry, crack and peel just like dry skin. Apply Willy Oil onto your fingers and rub into the cuticle area. Our exclusive Willy Oil formula will moisturize the nail bed without being greasy. Remember, your toes have cuticles too!

Willy Oil for Other Precious Parts:

Depending on the amount of surface area that needs treatment, apply Willy Oil liberally and directly onto your favorite precious parts. It is good for the tender skin here as well as the rest of your body. Remember - don’t take a selfie without it!