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Our customers love Willy Oil Beard Oil... and we look forward to earning your business so you will love it too!


I love the scent Rise & Shine. I actually put a couple drops on my face before bed. My skin is so soft even with the dry cold weather. 
-Maryann S

We LOVED the oils! I love them personally for my cuticles and it will be really great for any dry skin this season. My husband loved the oils too, both Moby Dick and Rise & Shine. Your fragrances are AMAZING! Rise & shine is a much lighter fragrance, but Moby Dick is definitely my personal favorite!
-Morgan C

I tried a couple of different scents of Willy Oil to help keep my tattoos looking fresh and to moisturize my dry hands and elbows during the winter. I love the Wild Willy scent - it's a beautiful woodsy scent that lingers enough to smell fresh throughout the day without being overpowering. The oil leaves my tattoos looking bright and vibrant, but my skin doesn't feel oily at all! Just smooth and moisturized.
-Nicole T

My girlfriend gave me this beard oil to try because my scratchy beard bothered her skin when we would be close to each other. I was hesitant to try it because I didn't want my own skin to break out, but I was pleasantly surprised! The oil itself is light and doesn't leave any kind of a film or shine on my skin. It helps my beard feel softer and as an added bonus, it even looks fuller. The scent is also light, and didn't overpower my nose at all throughout the day. I will definitely keep this in my daily rotation!
-Tony N

Willy Oil scent Bat & Balls smells like what I think James Bond would smell like!
-Jordana H

Great product! Subtle, but great scent. Mine isn't the easiest beard to control, but felt Willy Oil worked very good for me!
-Jimmy A

I put a lot of work in my beard and demand great products. I tried Willy Oil and was impressed. The scents that are offered are not available in any other beard oil companies. It went on smooth and felt great. It had my beard soft, manageable and smelling great all day.
-Chris C