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4/20 Wild Willy Special

Posted by Clayton Willborn on 6th Apr 2019

4/20 Wild Willy Special

In honor of one of our favorite days we’re offering $4.20 off every bottle of our proprietary blend, Wild Willy, for an April special! The smell of fresh cannabis buds, mellowed with fragrant citrus, smells just like a growing plant basking in the heat of the afternoon Colorado sun. Don’t worry, you won’t be busted with our THC- and CBD-free blend of essential oils and botanical extracts, even in illegal states.

This is a family business, and as part of the family I’d like to introduce myself: I’m Clay Willborn, I handle the art and marketing design for Willy Oil Company. James and Barbie are the brains behind the operation, and I drop in a little inspiration and put their ideas into pictures and fancy text.

I’ll admit that when the idea for a cannabis scented product was brought up, I was skeptical. I personally do enjoy the smell of that green goodness, but I thought “Would people really want to smell like that?” The first time I smelled the cannabis scented oil by itself I was overwhelmed by the dank, sticky scent. However, when paired with the bright citrus aromas of lemon and grapefruit, I was shocked to find it inviting and clean, with just the right amount of that funky botanical that makes for a complex, interesting aroma. It’s not at all like the smell I used to try and cover up with incense and Febreeze in my high school bedroom!

Dad has always been a fun and eccentric guy, with a vigilant eye looking for unique business pursuits. I remember the phone call early in 2018 when he told me about his idea for Willy Oil. I was really excited when he asked me to lend my skills and experience as an artist to help with the design aspect. And now here we are, after a year and dozens of rooster drawings later, the shop is up and running and I couldn’t be happier with the results!

Like I said, this labor of love is the culmination of hours of work from several members of the Willborn clan… Mixing carrier oils, experimenting with aromas, working with cosmetics labs, sketching roosters, designing labels, ordering stickers, taking product pictures, these are just some of the things that have taken us to where we are today. It’s been so much fun bringing it all together, and we’re constantly experimenting with new scents to bring to the table. We use Willy Oil ourselves and are huge fans of the final product, and we hope you will be too!

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